Childhood vaccinations

One of the best ways to protect your child against diseases like measles, rubella, tetanus and meningitis is through immunisations.

As well as protecting your own child, you’re also protecting others by preventing the spread of disease.

Vaccinations are offered free of charge in the UK – and you should receive notification when your child is due a routine vaccine by your GP practice. 

If you have any concerns that your child has not received their routine vaccinations, please contact us.

For more information visit: Vaccinations for children – Start for Life – NHS (

Childhood flu vaccinations – information for Muslim parents

Influenza (or flu) is a common and highly infectious disease caused by different strains of the influenza virus.

There are two types of vaccines that protect against flu:

  1. Nasal spray Vaccine – contains porcine (pork) gelatine
  2. Injectable Vaccines – do not contain porcine derived products

It is acknowledged that some groups within the British Muslim community may consider porcine-containing products to be forbidden. 

Whilst children commonly receive the nasal spray vaccine, there is also an injectable vaccine available to children. Please contact us to discuss these options so that you can ensure your child is protected against flu and the severe illness it can cause.