Ageing Well Survey 2024

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The Ageing Well Survey 2024 is now live. We would really appreciate your support to ensure as many of our over 50s get the opportunity to submit their responses.

Calderdale previously engaged with local people aged over 50 to produce the Ageing Well Plan. This identified five themes that are important to health and wellbeing for this age group. The five themes are:

· Housing

· Getting About

· Accessibility

· Safety and Belonging

· Things to Do

The Ageing Well Survey 2024 includes a range of questions relating to these themes. We want to find out if these themes are still relevant and to see if the needs, experiences and views of older people have changed over time.

If you are aged 50 or over and live in Calderdale, or if you work alongside or with groups or individuals in the 50 plus age range, we would encourage you to complete, forward on and facilitate access to the survey wherever you can. The views of those completing the survey will support Calderdale’s ambition to become an Age Friendly borough where older people have strong social networks and live in vibrant communities.

You can access the survey via the link below. If you require support to access the survey in another format, please get in touch.

The survey is currently live and will close on the 12th May.