Bringing Us Together

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Bringing Us Together is a grassroots national organisation with its office in Halifax. They are experts at creating trusted safe spaces for disabled people, parent carers and family members to speak up and be heard. Their on-line workshops allow people to learn together, share their lived experiences, meet like-minded people and feel valued whilst navigating a complex world.

Culture Matters ( a report sharing how culture can impact parents who have children with autism or learning disabilities and shares findings from work they undertook, with a grant from West Yorkshire Key Worker Barnardo’s Service, to amplify the voices of parents from refugee communities and ethnic minority groups with autistic children, and/or learning and physical disabilities. Bringing Us Together ran a series of workshops in October 2023 in venues at the heart of the local Calderdale community in central Halifax. The parent forum, NHS England, councillors, and local leaders from the area were invited to attend, alongside parents. And, for some parents, this was the first time they had had the opportunity to ‘open-up’ and tell their stories.

For more information contact [email protected]. Take a look at our Facebook page @bustogether