Engage Consult

Try Engage Consult Today!

The Practice is exceptionally busy. To increase our ability to respond to demand, we are asking you to change the way you contact us. Please now contact us via our online consultation service, Engage Consult. The Practice will reply either with a message or a phone call and will tell you what to do next.

You can use this service from any mobile phone, tablet or computer. You will need to have an email address.

This service must not be used for medical emergencies such as chest pain or severe bleeding. Please dial 999.

The Engage Consult service is very easy to use. If you need help, a guide is available on the website. Please click here to sign up.

We ask for your support in doing this so that we can respond to your request quickly. It will also allow our more vulnerable patients to make contact with us by phone.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Patient Guide No 1. How to sign up for Online Consultations with Engage Consult

Patient Guide No 2. How to send an online message to your GP Practice